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Wolf Needs Game programers help!

2011-01-11 21:45:07 by wolfbessy

i have been trying to figure out what i am doing wrong when it comes to making this damn game... if anyone could help me that would be great. im making a platform game in adobe flash cs4 action script 2. PLEASE HELP ME!!


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2011-01-11 22:34:27

i really don't know why people just like to ignore the forums. it's a gathering place for the Newgrounds community, if you scroll down to the developers and programming lounge you can ask questions to the pros or regulars that hang out there.
Just know the programming forums are not very active since it's considered "boring" and most people tend to hang out in general, so it will take a while for anyone to respond.
Here you go.

wolfbessy responds:

im srry that this was such a fail.. im new to the gaming world.. all i really know is how to make a next page button. i feel like i need much more help.. im sry i wasted your time..please forgive me